"Fatsus" The new EBG Instruments Bass Bridge

"Fatsus" is the name of the new bass bridge from EBG Instruments.


EBG Instruments offers a brand new 3D bass bridge that was CNC milled from solid bell brass. These are manufactured individually by "EBG-Instruments" under the highest quality standards.

Due to the solid bell brass and the precise manufacturing, the sound is transmitted directly and clearly to the body without the losses that are often common with zinc die-cast bridges. This leads to a clear sound dynamic and a significantly better sustain of the instrument.

Due to the different depths of the recesses on the stainless steel string rests, the bridge is adapted to a 12 “fingerboard radius by default. The fingerboard radius is compensated for by the different deep recesses on the string rest.

Thanks to the height adjustment and the rotatable string rest, this can also be used with other fingerboard radius sizes.

The bridges are available for 4-string and 5-string basses, and in black or nickel.

They are delivered in a noble magnetic folding box including screws and key.

The bass bridges are 100% made in Germany.


Inquiries from dealers or instrument makers are welcome.



Technical details



Intonation adjustment range:

High adjustment range:

Minimum high under H String *

Minimum high under E String *

Minimum high under G String *

Maximum high is + *


FATSUS BB4 (4 String Bridge)

17.8-20.2 mm (mid 19 mm)

Intonation adjustment range:  14 mm

High adjustment range:  4.5 mm


11.55 mm

10.3 mm

+4.5 mm

Black or Nickel

FATSUS BB5 (5-String Bridge)

16.1-18.0 mm (mid 17.05 mm)

Intonation adjustment range:  14mm

High adjustment range:  4.5mm

11.7 mm

11.55 mm

10.3 mm

+4.5 mm

Black or Nickel

* measured on a 045-130 5-string set and a 045-100 4-String set.