"Fatsus" The new EBG Instruments Bass Bridge

"Fatsus" is the name of the new bass bridge from EBG Instruments.

It impresses with its merciless attack and detailed transfer of the string vibration to the body. In contrast to conventional zinc die casting as used by many competitors, this bridge is CNC milled from solid metal. In contrast to cast bridges, the sustain and the response are significantly more intense.
Optionally made of bell brass or high-strength aircraft aluminum.
With aluminum, the address is neutral, quick and clearly defined. Bell brass is a bit bass and heavier in the middle. The response to both materials is very quick and clear.


The fingerboard radius is automatically compensated for by the different recesses on the string rest.
The bridges are available for 4-string and 5-string basses. Basically in black. Other colors are available on request and custom order.
Dimensions will be submitted later.


Technical details



Intonation adjustment range:

High adjustment range:

Minimum high under H String *

Minimum high under E String *

Minimum high under G String *

Maximum high is + *

FATSUS 4 String Bridge

17.8-20.2 mm (mid 19 mm)

Intonation adjustment range:  14 mm

High adjustment range:  4.5 mm


11.55 mm

10.3 mm

+4.5 mm

FATSUS 5 String Bridge

16.1-18.0 mm (mid 17.05 mm)

Intonation adjustment range:  14mm

High adjustment range:  4.5mm

11.7 mm

11.55 mm

10.3 mm

+4.5 mm

* measured on a 045-130 5-string set and a 045-100 4-String set.